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Our Leadership Team

Inspiring our customers with attitude, ability and aptitude


Tessa Anton

Chief Executive Officer, Board Director

A cybersecurity guru by day, an amateur wine enthusiast by night. If you're looking for a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience across cybersecurity, look no further - she's ya girl. With a passion for sharing her knowledge and helping others to succeed, she'll be there to help you reduce your organisational risk and protect your valuable assets. So whether you're a business owner, executive or IT professional you can trust Tessa to deliver the cybersecurity solutions you need to thrive in todays ever evolving digital landscape.

+64 27 472 9695

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Julian Bruce-Miller

Chief Financial Officer, Board Director

Julian is an African-Kiwi-Pom, who now calls the Kāpiti Coast home. He enjoys life with his wife (who still doesn’t know what he does for a living), 2 kids and 2 dogs. He’s been doing cyber since before it was called cyber and has 20-ish years of experience across a bunch of security domains. He’s been a CISO, director at a big-4 consulting firm, long time security consultant, SOC analyst, network engineer and all round techy. These days he’s a super pragmatic and approachable cyber leader who loves finding ways to enable businesses to succeed. Julian is always up for a cuppa, cheese scone or craft beer so if you’re keen to chat and find out more then reach out.

+64 21 246 2272

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Sarah Williams

Chief Operating Officer, Board Director

If you're looking for a cybersecurity pro who can protect your data while making you smile, this beach dwelling, dog loving self professed nerd is the one for you. With her expertise in risk and compliance, data privacy, cybersecurity strategy & roadmap development and cybersecurity operating model & function review combined with a passion for people, you know you're in good hands. Why not reach out to Sarah today and see how she can help you?

+64 21 444 638

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Craig Tweedie

Chief Information Officer, Board Chair

Craig's love for technology started when he was 5 years old, and 'no', it wasn't 'just a calculator', it was a Casio PB100 that hooked him. Since then, all he wanted to do was work in the field of computing.

Following his passion he travelled from Africa to the UK then to Hong Kong, the US and eventually to New Zealand where he settled into the Kiwi way of life. In the beginning of his career, most of his time was spent troubleshooting and fixing the most challenging of problems which eventually led him into the field of security - where his penchant for troubleshooting and providing solutions to hard problems has seen him flourish. If you need help - give him a shout!

+64 21 453 486

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Steven McCabe 1.jpg

Steve McCabe

Chief Strategy Officer, Board Director

Steve is a highly experienced security practitioner and leader with over 27 years of experience.

He likes complex problems which is a bit weird, but it's always good to have him in your corner when things go pear shaped.

When he's not doing this, he also designs and makes furniture, picks up after his dog and mows lots of grass in the Wairarapa. He also enjoys posing for awkward photos.

+64 21 02909652

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