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About CyberCure

Value, quality and reliability are our core principles

At CyberCure, we are driven by our core values of quality, reliability and value. Our team consists of some of the best cyber security specialists in Wellington, New Zealand and beyond. Our focus is on providing our customers with the highest quality of service, as well as delivering the best solutions with the most reliable results. We established CyberCure in 2022 and help our customers  stay ahead of the ever-changing cyber security landscape. If you’re looking for the best in cyber security, look no further than CyberCure.

Our Story

When clever and experienced people meet, click and realise that together they have something special, a company like CyberCure is formed.

As staff members of various companies over the years, we have lived the experience of the good, mediocre and places to avoid. Our coming together moment was when we all realised that our life journey, values and vision aligned (and that we genuinely like each other). After that moment, it didn't take long for us to combine forces and start an organisation where we can live our values, realise our vision and enhance our life journey.

In our first few months of operating, we are already working with government agencies, large private organisations in the energy industry, large consultancies, legal and large tertiary education providers.

We are a positive bunch of folks and for us, the future is bright! If you fancy reaching out for a hot or cold drink, a sandwich or are lonely and just want a chat - feel free to call any of us - we love a good social convo.

Our Client Sectors

Energy Sector
Privacte Sector
Private & Finance
Legal & Regulatory
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