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Cybersecurity Leadership

Cybersecurity leadership has become a key business function. As cybersecurity leaders, we are responsible for protecting all our company assets. This includes physical assets, logical assets and assets by association (the public and partners we connect with).

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Our vCISO service offers ongoing guidance and leadership to your cybersecurity program, tailored to your requirements. Our vCISO team are experienced industry leaders.

Virtual Privacy Officer (vPrivacy Officer)

Our vPrivacy Officer service offers review and management of your privacy program, ensuring compliance with the New Zealand Privacy act 2020 and all relevant privacy regulations.

ICT/Cyber Function Review

Our ICT/Cybersecurity Function and Operating model review services provide comprehensive assessments of an your cybersecurity infrastructure, policies, and procedures, identifying vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for uplift.

Virtual Information Technology Security Manager (vITSM) 

Our vITSM service provides virtual IT service management expertise to manage IT processes and ensure effective and efficient delivery of IT and cybersecurity services.

Board Engagement and Reporting

Our Board reporting services offer specialised reporting to boards, providing insights into your organisations cybersecurity risks, threats, and overall security posture

Cyber Culture

Our cyber culture service assists you with embedding cyber into the way people work, anticipate threats and risks and respond to suspicious activity.

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