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Cyber Courses

We provide a comprehensive range of cybersecurity courses, designed to help everyone from beginners to seasoned technical experts gain the skills they need to keep their systems secure. Our courses provide hands-on practical experience in a friendly environment, giving you the confidence to tackle any security challenges you may face.

Come and learn directly from our experienced cybersecurity practitioners who are active in the field helping protect our customer's environments.

100 - Security Fundamentals

Our Security Fundamentals course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn about cybersecurity or expand their knowledge. We demystify cybersecurity jargon and explain concepts in ways you can understand. Our course is led by a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who will teach you how to interpret between cybersecurity jargon and business context, as well as give you an insight into reporting and metrics.

The course is structured in a manner where collaboration and questions are encouraged.

102 - Security Architecture & Risk

Our 102 Security Architecture and Risk course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of security architecture and risk management. You will learn the basics of security architecture, how to draw data flow diagrams (DFDs) and understand security control frameworks. Additionally, you will learn how to build security controls into a security architecture and apply security risk management to your architecture. With this knowledge, you will be able to make informed decisions about security controls and how they reduce risk.

101 - Technical Foundations

Our 101 Technical Course provides a comprehensive overview of cyber security, helping you build your practical knowledge in layers. Through this course, you'll understand the concepts of computing and security, learn how to build a server, gain insight into different types of networking concepts, understand how a network works, become familiar with IP addressing, and learn how to build a secure network. Additionally, you'll gain an understanding of how computers communicate, how the cloud works, and you'll get practical hands-on experience building these components.

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