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CyberCure wins Identity & Access Management contract with Silver Fern Farms

New Zealand owned and operated cyber security business, CyberCure Limited, has signed an agreement with Silver Fern Farms to provide Digital Identity & Access Management (IAM) specialist skills and services.

Silver Fern Farms, a New Zealand-based producer of 100 percent grass-fed beef, lamb, and venison, selected CyberCure as the preferred partner in a competitive procurement process to support the delivery of Identity Governance and Access Management capability to its digital workforce.


“Good identity governance and a holistic view of access to digital assets are fundamental to the productivity and security of the enterprise” explains CyberCure Co-founder and CEO Tessa Anton. “Cloud first strategies and the increases in post-pandemic BYOD and hybrid working make the governance and management of identity and access critical to business resilience, security, and efficient operations.

 “We can significantly reduce the time it takes to onboard employees, ensure access is limited to the right resources at the right time and we can integrate critical compliance activity such as Health & Safety training and physical access as part of the identity and access lifecycle.”


“Silver Fern Farms recognises IAM as a key enabler for its digital strategy. They have a sharp vision of the future and IAM is a core component in the delivery of that vision. We are delighted to be selected as the specialist partner to help deliver this critical initiative” she continues.


Robust Identity and Access Management is now, more than ever, pivotal in safeguarding sensitive information, protecting against unauthorised access, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

In its 2024 Global Threat Report, Crowdstrike recorded 75% of attack detections as identity-based attacks while CyberArk report that 99% of security decision makers believe they will face an identity-related compromise in the next year.


Against this increasing threat, organisations are finding it difficult to find and retain IAM skills and capability. ISACA’s 2023 State of Cybersecurity survey found IAM to be the most important security skillset required by organisations today. The same survey reported 71% of organisations as having unfilled security roles.


“IAM projects can be complex and challenging to deliver,” says Anton. “Specialist practitioners are rare in the New Zealand market. They need to have a solid foundation of business process engineering coupled with specialist technical skills to translate these processes to the underlying technology and integrated systems. There isn’t a ready supply of people out there who have these skills and the experience of delivering large IAM transformations.”


“We are fortunate to have an experienced team of identity practitioners who have first-hand experience of delivering IAM projects as business change, not just technology deployments. Our team has completed these projects in complex environments both here in New Zealand and internationally. We are bringing our capability as a trusted partner to an exceptionally talented in-house team at Silver Fern Farms where we will work closely together to deliver the best possible outcomes” Anton states.


CyberCure was established in Wellington in 2022 as a boutique Cybersecurity consulting and services firm. Founded by a group of experienced cyber security leaders and practitioners, they focus on quality, reliability, and value.

Co-founder and CFO, Julian Bruce-Miller said “The cyber security market in New Zealand is well populated but we identified a gap for high quality consulting and services at a reasonable price point. Our success over the last 12 months bears this out.”

“We have concentrated on the quality of our people and the satisfaction of our clients. Our founders are directly involved in the delivery of our services and we focus on establishing and maintaining a close and honest relationship with every client that works with us” he continues. “We have a breadth and depth of real-world experience and knowledge which allows us to work with some of New Zealand’s most trusted brands. Silver Fern Farms is one of these iconic kiwi brands and our values are closely aligned. We could not be more excited about working with them through this digital transformation’.


For media enquiries please contact Sarah Williams, Chief Operating Officer.

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